Our brokers will confirm the availability of the boat for you and provide a price quote (as price of boats can change throghout the year). We’ll also look at deals of boat similar to the one you have selected.
It might look more complicated then it really is, but in case you have any questions about it, please just ask your broker.
Typically 25% is due if booking more than 6 months out, a further 25% due 6 months out and the balance due 60 days in advance.
The balance of your payment is normally due 60 days prior to the charter. In addition to the charter fee, you will also be asked to pay an APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance). This is given to the yacht prior to your charter to allow the captain to buy fuel and provision the yacht as per your demands. At the end of the charter, the captain will produce full accounts of all expenditures. You will either be refunded money not used or asked to pay any additional costs in excess of APA.
The questionaire enables your crew to understand your dietary and medical needs. For crewed yachts, this will include the food supplies and activities.
Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance is available to protect your investment if unforeseen circumstances prevent or cut short your charter.
A charter yacht captain will always try to comply with your wishes, but his primary responsibility is to the safety of the yacht and passengers. Should an scenario arise where a request conflicts with this responsibility, your captain will discuss all possible alternatives with you. However, when relating to the yacht and safety of those onboard, the captain’s decision is final.
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